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Brienzer Rothorn – With a steam cog train to the capricorns


In this fast paced world, it is good to see that some things remain the same.

The Brienzer Rothorn steam cog railway is one of these things that has withheld the constant cycle of change. My memories from a father-son trip in the 1980's were confirmed the moment we arrived at the nostalgic train station in Brienz!

Nothing had changed in the years since: The charming ticket office and the conductor who manually validates each ticket. The classic rail cars with open air panoramic views and the deafening sound of the steam engine.

And just like back then, the tradition of waving at other rail cars and hikers along the way remained!

Brienzer Rothorn - Cows

Along a track of just 7.6 km, the Brienzer Rothorn steam cog engine pushes the passenger coaches to an altitude of 2244 m above sea. That's a change in altitude of no less than 1678 m!


Once at the top, we highly recommend climbing the last few meters to Rothorn Kulm. The views from up there were simply breathtaking!


As luck would have it, we spotted our first ever family of capricorns! Three Alpine mountain goats were grazing just a stone's throw away, while another one was carefully crossing a snow field! It was quite an experience to watch these capricorns in their habitat!


The Brienzer Rothorn train line is a timeless classic:




More Information

- Brienz Rothorn Bahn (open from May through the end of October)
- Also visit the Ballenberg outdoor museum in Brienz

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • Hello Dimitri,

    I was passed your report about the Brienz Rothorn visit from our Director Simon Koller. If you wish to revisit any time in the future I am responsible for sales and tours and could arrange workshop guided tours and also travel on the footplate of the steam locos. These are extras that we try to publicise and market where possible. Such visits would be covered as ‘Marketing’. Just let me know a week or two in advance to arrange things at our end.

    Best regards

Dimitri Burkhard

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