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The Zürich 1200 Fountains Project

Zürich 1200 Fountains Project

Anyone who has ever been to Zürich must have noticed all the drinking fountains dotting the streets and alleys. There are 1224 of them, to be exact. And the unique part about these fountains is that they are very well maintained, spewing perfectly clear potable water 24/7.

Lucilia Caramelo is a creative who has captured my attention recently when she introduced me to her project: Zurich 1200 Fountains. Her quest is to photograph all of Zürich's 1200 fountains, and so far she has managed to document an impressive 132 of them on her blog.

So, if you want to behave like a local, I challenge you to bring your own bottle and refill it at a different fountain every day...

Zürich 1200 Fountains Project
Zürich 1200 Fountains Project

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