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Cowgirl Shows Tricks with Swiss Cow

Cows: Who does not love these cuddly, friendly animals? They come in all colors (even purple). They like to slide out their funny tongues to twist some grass from the fields, only to chew on it for hours on end. They will even moo at you when you start to sing, and their bells sound so typically Swiss!

In Hinduism, they are known as "the mother of all creatures" and are thus a holy symbol. In other countries, they are active members of the workforce. Cows may have to plow fields or pull carts, among other tasks.

But most of you know cows as the animal responsible for your daily dairy supply.

Nonetheless, the Swiss see these multi-purpose giants in a slightly different way. It all started in Zürich in 1998 when cows were used as decoration on downtown streets. Made of fiberglass, these colorful art objects were placed throughout the city allowing tourists to pose next to them for some silly pictures.

Then, the Swiss came up with cow bingo and if that was not enough, they introduced the world to cow trekking...

But wait, there’s more! Recently, the Swiss decided to take it to the next level: Regina Mayer, a 16 year old German girl, learned in Switzerland how to turn her cow into a jumping acrobat!

It had always been her dream to have a horse to run around tracks and jump across obstacles, but her parents would not allow it. So ever since, she has been practicing with her cow Luna to make her jump up to 3 ft/1 m high!

This cow and rider are getting quite some publicity abroad as well! Time for a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

BONUS: Now you can have the opportunity to convince a cow to behave like a horse! There is actually a cow school close to Zürich which offers lectures on cow riding for just CHF 25.

Now that’s something you don’t see every day!


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