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Does Switzerland trust pilots or politicians?

Picture of a pilot vs. a politician

These days, it sure pays to have a life-saving job in Switzerland! At least this is what the annual Reader’s Digest survey of some 33'000 Europeans in 16 countries has just revealed.

The Swiss mentality of trusting service providers like fire fighters, pilots, or doctors the most says something about their sense of security. Overall, they seem to put most confidence in those professions which have highly specific skills that could actually save your life one day...

Because personally, I would trust a pilot so much more than a private banker! One can keep you alive with his skill set, while the other keeps you alive just enough to get all your money... No offense to all the private banker Newly Swissed readers, ok?

Here goes the list:

Picture of the most trusted people in Switzerland

Picture of  teacher

Interestingly, the Swiss trust scores are generally a few points higher than those of other European nations. The only exception here were teachers. Hmm…

Picture of a politician

As it turns out, only roughly one in five Swiss believe that politicians are worthy of their trust. This is still a whole lot more than in the rest of Europe though, where the average lies at only 8 percent!

Could this seemingly higher level of trust be attributed to the Swiss system of direct democracy?

Picture of a Soccer player

Soccer Players
Anyone? I don't get this one.

Do you agree with this ranking? Does it surprise you?

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