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Don’t Get Caught Speeding in Switzerland!

Swiss Records - Most Expensive Speeding Ticket(Photograph copyright Kapo Freiburg)

In 2010, a then 37 year old Swede has been pulled over between Bern and Lausanne for going 290 km/h (or 180 miles per hour)! Needless to say, this man's joyride has ended abruptly and he is now facing what might be the most expensive speeding ticket ever issued - in the world: 1'000'000 Swiss francs.

Apparently, the driver was supposed to deliver this 218'000 Swiss Franc Mercedes limousine to a client, but decided to take it for a spin on a Swiss interstate first. Too bad that in Switzerland, speeding fines are based on the income of the motorist and the severity of the speed...

Due to Switzerland's small size and dense population, driving here can be quite a challenge. For instance, it is fairly common for the posted speed limit to change every few hundred meters. Therefore, responsible driving has become a whole other meaning: As a driver, you need to constantly pay attention not only to signs, but also to hidden speed traps!

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Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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