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Fondue in the Sky (Villars)

During a "Fondue in the Sky" gondola ride, 360 lucky participants will be able to dine up in the air while facing the Mont Blanc...


International Sled Dog Race (Les Mosses)

You do not have to go far abroad to have an exciting Nordic experience. At the International Sled Dog Race, about 700 energetic dogs...


Yukigassen Snow Ball Fights (Villars)

No one said snow ball fights were just for kids. At the Yukigassen snow ball fight in Villars, they make it pretty serious: Several teams of seven people...


Paléo Festival 2019 in Nyon

Plaine de l’Asse Route de Saint-Cergue 312, Nyon, VD

Did you know that the Paléo Festival is one of the biggest open-air festivals in Switzerland?


Tulip Festival in Morges

Every spring, Morges hosts the Tulip Festival at the beautiful Parc de l'Indépendance on the shores of Lake Geneva. This month long festival...

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