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Finding Joy in Slowness: Töfflibuebe in Zürich

For some, getting from point A to point B cannot be fast enough. When the conspicuous voice announces that the InterCity train is running four minutes behind schedule because of a track dysfunction, you can expect a number of commuters erratically checking their cell phones. Four minutes!

Others care less about speed. For the two Töfflibuebe in the middle of Zürich’s traffic on a recent weekend, it was about the journey and not the destination. In fact, these two motorcycle aficionados had taken their wonderfully restored bikes for a spin – coming all the way from Frauenfeld!

Spotted in Zurich - Toefflibuebe

“It took us only about an hour, but we had to avoid any major roads due to our slow speed”, one of the free-riders said. Adrian and his buddy routinely scout out abandoned Toeffli that have seen better days. And they obviously take great pleasure in restoring these classic motorbikes to the “T”...

This kind of determination is what it takes to earn the title of “Töfflibueb” (“biker kid”)!

Spotted in Zurich - Toefflibuebe

Spotted in Zurich - Toefflibuebe

Dimitri Burkhard

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