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Photographs of buttons and touch screens in Switzerland

Few people are aware that Switzerland played an important role in the development of LCD technology.

Whether in TV's, digital clocks, smartphones or touch-screen ticket machines, liquid-crystal displays are everywhere.

Derived from a lifelong passion for electronics, Swiss physicist Martin Schadt registered his ground-breaking patent for LCD technology in 1970. After initial setbacks, the technology was only developed for mass markets when Japanese scientists inquired to buy the patent.

Holding more than 110 international patents, Schadt was awarded the European Inventor Award 2013. According to an article in the NZZ newspaper, he is quoted as saying that "imagination and enough stamina to convince others" are the essential traits of a successful innovator.

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer - enhanced for touch screens. It inspired me to follow Mr. Schadt and capture the Swiss Touch!

Here is my collection of buttons and touch screens in Switzerland:

Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket MachineI wonder whether the browser would work on this ticket machine... It would make it much faster to navigate through six screens!

Swiss Touch - ZVV Ticket Machine
Swiss Touch - Train SOS
Swiss Touch - Train Door
Swiss Touch - ATM
Swiss Touch - METTLER TOLEDO Scale
Swiss Touch - Blind Crossing
Swiss Touch - Elevator
Swiss Touch - Light Switch


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