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Free Züri Fäscht Program Guide 2010

Once every 3 years, the entire city of Zurich shuts down to make space for my favorite festival ever: Züri Fäscht! As you can imagine, I will be there to watch the various air shows and fireworks, to eat the good food, and to simply have a great time! The weather forecast is calling for a heatwave, so it could not get any better… But wait, there’s more!

This year, the official guide of events is no longer published for free. “What’s up with that?”, I thought, and so Newly Swissed went out to purchase a copy to share with our dear readers! Try to make it out there if you live in Switzerland, and share this link with your friends!

DOWNLOAD High-Res or Low-Res

Are you planning on checking out the Züri Fäscht (July 2 – 4, 2010), and which event/concert/party are you most looking forward to?

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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