Born to be Wild with the Swiss Motorcycle Toeffli

In order to get from Point A to Point B, many Swiss living in the countryside ride their Toeffli bikes. Although they are getting less, these light motorcycles are the perfect way to check on your cows on a pasture or visit a friend for a game of Jass.

Swiss Toeffli Moped in the Countryside

The Red Bull Alpenbrevet

In 2015, Red Bull has exploited this Swiss pastime for the sixth year with their popular Alpenbrevet. This race involves crossing three mountain passes on a moped with one horsepower... The "Alps Crossing Certification" is surely no small feat, but hundreds of Easy Riders participate every year despite the challenge.


In related news...

A 17-year old Swiss has been pulled over for an apparent traffic violation. For a school project, he has constructed the coolest ever auto-rickshaw from a Toeffli bike and an old Renault car, but he is now facing a 2000 Francs fine.

Swiss Auto Rikschah

Swiss Auto Rikschah

Swiss Auto Rikschah

On the bright side, thanks to a support group on Facebook, the police have since released Sebastian Küttel's auto-rickshaw.

It's the Swiss way of living out that "Born to be Wild" feeling. Do you think Toeffli are cool? Or totally lame?

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