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Im Spycher is a 306-year-old design gem on Lake Lucerne

Hotel Im Spycher

Lake Lucerne has long attracted famous writers, composers, artists and politicians.

From Wolfgang von Goethe to Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner to Mark Twain, Jimmy Carter to Audrey Hepburn, they all found a place of solitude on the Bürgenstock.

Neatly perched above Lake Lucerne in the small town of Füringen is the getaway house Im Spycher. There, it is nestled amidst tall and trimmed hedges and a few fully grown trees. And after what had been one of the most stressful months of my career, a getaway to this architectural delight was well needed.

Hotel Im Spycher

Im Spycher is friendly, private and personal.

Arranging our stay there was very straightforward. I simply dropped an email to Tanja Siegwart, one of the owners. Upon my arrival, the house key was waiting for me in the mailbox, and when I entered the beautiful 300-year-old house, there was a welcome letter and a bottle of wine for us to enjoy.

Hotel Im Spycher

From the moment I set foot in the house, I felt relaxed and comfortable. One enters the house in the living room, which features a large window looking out over a portion of Lake Lucerne and onto Mount Pilatus. The upstairs bedroom and downstairs kitchen can be reached from here.


Having traveled with public transport, I drop my things off and return to Stansstad to get some groceries. The kitchen does feature things like coffee, tea, or pasta. Some of these staples are included in the stay, others cost extra. As chance would have it, one of the neighbors gives me a ride down the hill, dropping me off at a grocery store.

You quickly notice that Im Spycher is about so much more than just the sheer natural beauty. It is just as much about the friendliness of the locals living nearby. That night, we would sleep deeply in our Nils Holger Moormann designer beds. The mattress, blankets, comforters and pillows were perfect. It was one of the best nights of sleep I’d had in a long time.

Hotel Im Spycher

A house with a history.

The next morning, we meet Tanja and she tells us about how they had come to own the house Im Spycher. The building was originally constructed in 1710 in Entlebuch. About 40 years ago, the previous owners had it transported some 45 km and rebuilt in Fürigen. It was used as a family cottage until the children were grown up.

During those 40 years, not a lot of work was done on the house and it had become worn. Suddenly one day, architects and planners started to appear on the street, studying the building. Tanja and her husband, Thomas, were curious. The owners of those days first asked the neighbors next door if they would like to buy the house. However, they were not interested and said that they should offer it to the Golimund-Steigwart family.

Hotel Im Spycher

“They rang our doorbell and said that they were selling the house Im Spycher. If we were interested in buying it, we needed to tell them right away,” Tanja tells me as she recounts the purchase. She quickly called her husband and told him the proposition. Thomas was shocked, to say the least, but thanks to his financial background, the two were able to make an offer and finance the adventure while ensuring that their view did not get blocked.

Designed with passion.

Thomas, an accountant by trade, and his friend Marco Gander, then set out on the task of renovating the entire house in 2010. The finished product speaks worlds for what passion and determination can do.

Hotel Im Spycher

The exterior preserves the building’s historical significance, while the interior is luxurious and functional. The colors are warm golds, wood and clean whites. Together, they create a modern chalet feeling. Each piece of furniture for the house was carefully selected by Tanja and Thomas.

Hotel Im Spycher

Design elements include such things as the beds, but also pieces from Aero Saarinen and Verner Panton. The overarching mantra around the whole residence is to let people regain their energy and enjoy the view of the Pilatus mountain massif and the tranquil waters of Lake Lucerne.

Turn off and relax in front of the fireplace.

Despite there being WiFi and a TV with DVD player in the bedroom, what we enjoyed most in the holiday home were the views, cooking in the kitchen and having a nice meal together, then having a glass of wine while watching the flames in the fireplace.

A stay at Im Spycher will surely reboot your batteries and let you relax. On top of that, there are many beautiful walks to take up along the Bürgenstock. Easy day trips could be Mount Pilatus or the spa at Hotel Villa Honegg.

Hotel Im Spycher(This photograph is copyright Im Spycher)

Im Spycher is one of many architecturally stunning hotels in Europe. For more inspiration, visit

Watch my video from the stay at Im Spycher

Im Spycher
Unterschiltstrasse 7
6363 Bürgenstock
Phone +41 41 618 30 66


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