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Inside the photo16 Exhibit in Zürich

photo16 Exhibit Zurich

The next best thing to spending your days high up in the mountains is visiting photo16, the event that kicks off Zürich's cultural year.

After the remarkable success of photo15, which attracted more than 23'000 visitors, it is no wonder that this year’s edition offers even more attractions. At photo16 in Zürich, the work of more than 130 national and international photographers will inspire the crowds.

The urban industrial Maag Hallen in Zürich’s West side are stacked with the best work of the most talented photographers Switzerland has to offer. At photo16, expect to see the world from a new perspective while mingling with other art and design lovers.

photo16 Exhibit Zurich

The photo16 Exhibition

Every year, photo16 opens its doors to those with a passion for taking photos (and the willingness to display it to a wide audience). They could be photographers just starting out or well-known paparazzi: The background does not matter to the curators at photo16. It is the quality of photographs that counts.

photo16 Exhibit Zurich

I had the chance to see photo16 on opening night, and I found some truly amazing work from the worlds of fashion, nature and portrait photography.

photo16 Exhibit Zurich
photo16 Exhibit Zurich
photo16 Exhibit Zurich

There were also some photos depicting a world that does not look as "beautiful". One wall is dedicated to moving photographs about the European refugee crisis.

photo16 Exhibit Zurich - Maurice Haas, Christian Grund - Refugees

On the other end of the spectrum, the Via Helvetica series by Anne Lutz and Thomas Stöckli had a strong Swiss focus...

photo16 Exhibit Zurich
photo16 Exhibit Zurich

photoFORUM Events and Workshops

photo16 is not only a showroom that presents the work of photographers from all walks of life. It is also a place where the photography industry gets a platform to interact with the audience.

Under the photoFORUM umbrella, several special exhibits and workshops take place throughout the weekend. On a daily basis, interesting guests from the world of photography will talk about their art. The "best of the best" photographers will put you in the scene and tell the real story of who they are and what influences their style.

For instance, the well known Swiss photographers Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer will be talking about a project portraying famous climate activists. Other big names include Christopher Morris, Max Vadukul, Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri and Magnum/TIME photographer Dominic Nahr who is originally from Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

After attending some insightful seminars or meandering among the styrofoam blocks on the exhibit floor, it becomes clear that taking a good photo involves way more than pressing the shutter.

photo16 Exhibit Zurich
photo16 Exhibit Zurich

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Marta is a make-up artist, fashion stylist and style coach based in Winterthur.
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