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When Time Meets Fashion – Jeanrichard in Zürich

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionNewly Swissed was recently invited by Zürich based PR agency PR/ticular to an exclusive event: "Time Meets Fashion". Very appropriately named, it was a showcase of Swiss (and Switzerland based) designers along with Swiss luxury watchmaker Jeanrichard.

I have to admit that I am usually a worshipper at the altar of French and Italian designers. With the exception of Laend Pheungkit and Akris, I am not yet too familiar with the Swiss fashion landscape.

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionBut with a weakness for all things pretty, I did not hesitate to say yes to an afternoon of being around them - and champagne. Yes, in the summer, it is never too early in the day for a Cüpli...

After moaning to my husband that I have nothing "fashionable" to wear and vetoing ten thousand outfits in my head, I showed up, feeling distinctively unglamorous amongst all the chic Swiss bloggers.

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionSoon, the beautiful pieces from designers like Julia Winkler, Javier Reyes and Laend Pheungkit got me to a really happy place. And wow, did those timepieces from Jeanrichard, with its exquisite craftsmanship, made me stay there!


Daniel Jeanrichard - An Unintentional Legend

From Managing Director Bruno Grande's presentation, I learned so much about the watchmaker's history and legacy.

As someone with a penchant for interesting and unusual facts, I loved it when I found out that Daniel Jeanrichard became a watchmaker unintentionally. He was actually a blacksmith by trade, but his entrepreneurial side soon saw him venturing into the watch business.

So there is hope for those of us who are ever contemplating a career change... Jeanrichard also initiated the apprenticeship for watchmakers, and with Switzerland's worldwide reputation for the best in luxury watches, this is probably the genesis.


Trying on New Looks

The other fun part of the afternoon was getting to try on the Jeanrichard watches and pieces from the three designers. Since I am camera shy and not a Size 0, I entertained myself by watching the Swiss fashion bloggers in action as they mixed, matched and paraded one chic outfit after another.

I did have a dabble at putting together looks from the various designers. My favorite look was definitely matching the purple diamond faced Jeanrichard against Javier Reyes' lightweight, grey printed summer dress. I love my bling.

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionI was even brave enough to experiment the purple watch with a luxurious blue pair of trousers and a red top from Julia Winkler's collection.

Every designer's collection was outstanding. For those of you that love an urban style infused with patterns, Javier Reyes is your man. And for a more Asian inspired collection, check out Laend Pheungkit.


Julia Winkler, Zürich Designer

I could not stop gawking at the collection of Julia Winkler. Zürich born Winkler has a reputation for experimentalism and whilst I am usually safe (read: boring) in my fashion choices, I could not help but be drawn to the collection. It was named "Until the Quiet comes", after American electronic producer "The Flying Lotus'" album.

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionAbstract, yet oh-so-elegant. It really came as no surprise to learn that Julia Winkler has been nominated for the "Designer of Tomorrow" Award 2014.

Go Julia!

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets FashionI left with a Jeanrichard goody bag (no watch, unfortunately). But mostly, I felt all energized and exhilarated about the Swiss fashion scene.

Since New York, Milan, and Paris all have their own fashion week, with such talents, it is such a shame that this city doesn't yet have its own.

Zürich Tourism office, are you reading this?

Jeanrichard - When Time Meets Fashion


Gabrielle is a self confessed shoe hoarder and bagaholic with a love for all things beautiful. She is equally passionate about animal welfare, travel, classical music and discovering the next gastronomic experience. Gabrielle is based in Zürich with her Norwich terrier, Oskar.

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