Living it up with Migros Budget

It is no exaggeration that Migros Budget has reached cult status in Switzerland. This budget line of store brand items has expanded from simple toothpaste to carrots, condoms, and even cheap cruises!

To give you an idea of how pervasive this brand has become, step into the shoes of a true M-budgetarian! You can drive a fancy car and still live it up budget-style, as the following hypothetical story illustrates:

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What's your favorite M-Budget item? What do you expats miss most? And by the way, how was your recent Migros vacation? Why not share, it won't cost you anything!

(Pics via here and here)

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  • Melanie

    Migros Budget forever!!! I wish they would have it here in New Zealand as well, we could save a lot of $$$ as everything is quite expensive in our local supermarket (even basic things like flour, sugar…) 🙁 So enjoy having the choice between expensive and cheap things at Migros!

  • Linda

    i want those pants!!

  • HJ

    Well written, Dimitri! And to know that it all is true, makes even more fun to read. Although I usually take a detour around the Budget section, I must admit that some of the stuff is quite appealing. However, the risk to get a harsh “No” when popping the question is not negligible, guys better think twice. With best regards from the Budget Land China, HJ.

  • Is the M-budget shirt real???? It looks so AWFUL! who would wear it? And who would have BUDGET written all over his/her private parts??? Wouldn’t that send the wrong message? 😛

    • You got a point there, Denise! By the way, Newly Swissed does not endorse this fashion in any way, shape or form 😉

  • Chrissy

    Interesting fact. The Migros Budget Design was originally only a temporary thing, they wanted to change it and make it more “stylish”. But then Migros found out, that that corky green design had quickly received cult status and kept it that way. At least now you can spot a bargain from a mile away 😉

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