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Mammut Launches Epic 150th Anniversary Campaign

Newly Swissed readers might know how much I love my Mammut hiking gear! So you can imagine how excited I was when I learned about Mammut's latest gig: To mark their 150th anniversary in 2012, they have launched an epic awareness campaign involving 150 mountain peaks spanning the entire globe!

Mammut Peak Project

To kick it off, Mammut has already given away 150 outdoor related prizes to lucky winners. And during the current phase, 150 teams are being recruited through the interactive Peak Project website.

The top contenders are then going to be equipped with tried-and-true Mammut equipment in order to actually climb 150 mountain peaks all over the world! I really cannot think of a better way to celebrate a birthday... So on Sept 4, the Mammut Team has already challenged the first of 150 peaks: Cerro Kishtwar in the Indian Kashmir Himalayas.

Mammut Peak Project

Despite 150 years in the making, Mammut is showing their freshest looks these days! And they sure know a little something about marketing...
Brand engagement: Check. Social media buzz: Check. Bragging rights: Check!

Have you already applied for a Peak Project Team representing your country?

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