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Most Popular Swiss Baby Names in 2009

According to the Swiss Statistical Institute via HappyTimes, the most popular first names for Swiss kids in 2009 were no longer Heidi or Peter! In fact, they have not been Heidi or Peter for a long time...

Popular Swiss Baby Names for Boys:

1. Luca
2. Leon
3. Nico
4. Noah
5. David
6. Tim

Popular Swiss Baby Names for Girls:

1. Lara
2. Laura
3. Mia
4. Leonie
5. Sara
6. Lea

What's with all the "L" names? The top two names each start with this letter, but reading them out loud, I realized that there are some other common denominators.

All names, whether for boys or for girls, seem to be heavy on vowels and are fairly short in length. This is not a linguist speaking, but someone who didn't like his first name in Kindergarten and decided to go by his middle name, Dimitri!

So, how do you like the latest statistics? Would you name your kid according to trends? Or would you pick a unique name on purpose?

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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