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5 Swiss zero emission vehicles from the future

Memories from my childhood in Switzerland include the attention-grabbing, original TWIKE electric car.

This one seater, covered bike would sneak up on me on just to whiz by silently. Hence, I was always fascinated by the concept of plug-in cars, so I thought it would be a good time some 15 years later to dig up the latest models of Swiss zero-emission vehicles.

So, here is your opportunity to have a sneak peek at the latest models of cars which might be whizzing by you in the near future:

The SAM Tricycle

My initial reaction regarding this funky tricycle vehicle was: "Why does it not come in Swiss red?"

Cree Vehicle SAM(Photograph by Rama/Wikimedia Commons)

Otherwise, this car seems solid in terms of looks and performance, as it actually converts kinetic energy from breaking and driving downhill into energy to be used later.


This fully-enclosed bike is emission-free and tops out at 250km/h. With all the rain Switzerland has been getting this year, this may be the best choice to get around on two wheels!

Zerotracer Zero Emission Vehicle

The Zerotracer team from Winterthur is the winner of the WAVE TROPHY zero emission race in Switzerland.

Rinspeed Splash

The amphibious Splash can fly across land, water and air with equal elegance. On land, it will reach speeds up to 200 km/h while a hydraulic system will let it fly 60 cm above the water surface at the push of a button! Envy, envy...

Rinspeed Splash(Copyright Clément Bucco-Lechat/Wikipedia)

Rinspeed sQuba

Unfortunately, there is only one person with a license to drive this car: Bond, James Bond! The sQuba can drive on land and is ready for underwater action 10m below the surface with the flick of a button... You never know when you have to take a shortcut through one of the many lakes in Switzerland!


Mindset Solar Powered Hybrid

This cool looking prototype by Mindset AG features roof-mounted solar panels to supplement the plug-in electric power. I'm not sure whether drivers will still feel that they are driving a green car due to its immense size, but maybe size is Mindset's very niche! 

Mindset E-Motion Concept Car(Copyright Mindset)

Would you trade your current car for any of these zero-emission vehicles made in Switzerland? If so, for which one, and why?

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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