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Here’s one incredibly versatile Swiss concept car

Rinspeed Dock&Go Concept Car

Swiss automotive designer Rinspeed has presented the sophisticated "Dock+Go" mobility concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Its electric car with modular packs features three axles, but only if you need them...

Say you are a pizza delivery guy.

During the day, you can cruise around town with your swag little Smart car boasting a sound "dock" from the future. But at night for your shift, you simply replace the third axle to turn your Smart into a "Dock+Go" delivery vehicle with an integrated heated box for the pizzas!

Rinspeed Dock&Go Concept Car
Rinspeed Dock&Go Concept Car

For weekend getaways to the mountains, you would attach yet another module to store your skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Did I mention that there is also going to be golf, camping, beach, or party packs?

Rinspeed Dock&Go Concept Car

Here's a close-up at the Rinspeed Dock+Go:

Rinspeed Dock&Go Concept Car

So, why would you want to use two axles like everyone else when you have all of these cool add-on carts, anyway?

(All photographs copyright Rinspeed)

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