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11 chilling examples of snow and ice in Switzerland

Geneva Ice Blizzard (2005)

When you hear "Switzerland", one of the first images that probably comes to mind is that of snow covered mountains. Right?

These days, we have to be realistic about the changing image of Switzerland in the world, however. So it's possible that the name of this small country actually conjured up images of investment bankers, minarets, and Roger Federer (duh)!

For the sake of this post, let's stick with the snow theme though... So just in time for winter, I have dug up some truly chilling examples of snow and ice in Switzerland.

Personally, while I like the "fuzzy" aspects of snow and ice (no pun intended) such as skiing, ice-skating and drinking Glühwein, I do not care so much about the "blizzardly" aspects. I'm sure you know what I mean: Snow storms which cover roads for breakfast and freeze intercontinental travel for lunch! So without further ado, meet the contenders:

1. Ice Storm in Versoix, 2005

Versoix Ice Blizzard

2. European Freeski Open in Laax, 2010

European Freeski Open Laax (2010)

3. Gorner Glacier at Gornergrat, Valais

Gorner Glacier at Gornergrat, Switzerland

4. Cows in Tschuggen, June 2010 (!)

Cows in the Snow, Tschuggen, Switzerland

5. Swiss Cheese Maker (Fabian Scheffold/István Vizner)

Swiss Cheese Maker - Copyright Fabian Scheffold/István Vizner

6. Avalanche (Copyright Yann Gross)

Avalanche by Yann Gross

7. Underwater Ice Formations in Lake Sassolo, Ticino

Underwater Ice Formations, Lake Sassolo (Copyright by  Franco Banfi)

8. Snowblower (Copyright Rolf Siegenthaler)

Snow Blower (Copyright Rolf Siegenthaler)

9. Guerilla Campaign for Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism Campaign

10. Glacier Hiking

Glacier Hiking

11. Blizzard Express (Copyright Kecko/Flickr)

Blizzard Express - Rhaetische Bahn (Copyright Kekko)

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