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Pop-up Dance Performance in Zürich

This was one of those weekends where you almost needed a schedule... So many different festivals and activities were going on in Zürich alone - none of which should have been missed!

The annual dance festival, "Das Tanzfest", is a Switzerland wide initiative to celebrate dance. Performances in public spaces, trial dance classes and parties all over the country simply make you want to give dancing a shot!

The MIGROS store at Limmatplatz seemed normal, with shoppers buzzing around to get their errands done before the closing at 5 PM.

Tanzfest 2011 in Zürich

But then, out of nowhere, what appeared to be regular customers got into formation to perform a dance routine!

Tanzfest 2011 in Zürich

Tanzfest 2011 in Zürich

Tanzfest 2011 in Zürich

Very much like in a flashmob, the dancers vanished into the crowd and left behind nothing but puzzled looks and smiles... If you looked closely though, you would notice some shoppers wiggling through the isles and carrying on the beat...

Have you ever seen a pop-up dance performance? Or have you been part of one?

Dimitri Burkhard

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