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KAWOOM Table Bomb (Tischbombe)

KAWOOM Table Bomb

This may come as a culture shock to many expats in Switzerland: I do not remember a single New Year’s party without a table bomb! That’s right, an explosive device, detonated smack on the dining table.


Sizing the Swiss table bomb market

“The table bomb will hiss for a few seconds, followed by a BANG!, and that’s about it. Small party favors will be spread all over the table and carpet, and the smell of the detonation will linger for a few seconds. About half a million households will detonate table bombs on New Year’s Eve.”

KAWOOM Table Bomb

“In other words, within a few seconds right after midnight, 80 percent of table bombs sold per year are being detonated! Even though a single one weighs less than a bar of chocolate, about 60 tons of party materials will be flying around at once…”

We could not say it better than the Handelszeitung. Up until now, about half of these table bombs are manufactured by Contri AG, a Swiss family business. But in comes KAWOOM, a Tischbombe with an attitude.

KAWOOM Table Bomb

Give your party the KAWOOM treatment

The contents of a typical table bomb have not changed much since its invention in the 1960’s. Max Amsler is the Swiss inventor credited with the development of this ultimate party supply. Usually included are colorful paper balls, little cardboard trumpets, clown noses and party hats.

KAWOOM Table Bomb

At a kid’s birthday party, two friends suddenly had the igniting idea: Artist Nica Giuliani and designer Corina Zuberbühler have always wanted to work on a project together, and inventing the table bomb 2.0 would be their destiny. They initially crowdfunded the project, but KAWOOM has gained much popularity since.

KAWOOM table bombs come in three varieties to spice up any lame party or invitation at your bosses’ house: CULTURE CABINET, MONSTERPONG or ANIMAL CRAZE (loosely translated).

Swiss party animals like us rely on KAWOOM, and this year we have ordered MONSTERPONG from the online shop

KAWOOM Table Bomb

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