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prozentbuch – 50% Off Coupons for Switzerland

prozentbuch Zürich 2016

Switzerland is certainly costly when it comes to eating out.

So when we first came across the prozentbuch coupon book, we could not believe the amount of money that can be saved: A majority of the coupons are for “Buy one, get one free” meals, drinks or admissions! In other words: You pay for one dish, you get another one at the same or at a lower price at no charge by presenting the coupon.

In Zürich, we have used prozentbuch coupons at favorites such as Atrio, not guilty, Freshii or the airline themed Wings Lounge.

You simply cannot beat a 50% discount in one of the world’s most expensive cities!

As we quickly realized, the pocket-size prozentbuch is more than a simple collection of coupons: Each promotion is tagged on a fold-out city map, facilitating the discovery of those hipster hang-outs off the beaten track.

prozentbuch Zürich 2016

prozentbuch editions for Bern and Luzern are also available (Basel is sold out).

prozentbuch Zürich 2016

Due to the sheer amount of discounts available, ranging from bowling alleys to spa visits, we will likely be unable to take advantage of everything in just one year…

Order a prozentbuch for your city:
Bern, Luzern, Zürich
Starting at CHF 36.90

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