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Rosie – A Worthy Piece of New Swiss Cinema (Review)

Rosie (2013) Film ReviewStory

Lorenz Meran (40), a successful gay author suffering from acute writers' block, has to leave Berlin and return to eastern Switzerland to provide care for his aged mother, Rosie. When he finds himself confronted with the fact that fun-loving Rosie refuses both outside assistance and a retirement home, he discovers that he is stuck fast in his small home town of Altstätten.

But it is not only his mother's battle against being dictated to and against losing her dignity that he is struggling with. It is also his own midlife crisis. And when long-kept secrets are suddenly revealed under the tensions of family dynamics, Lorenz almost fails to notice that love is knocking on the front door of his parent's house...


Fabian Krüger is one of the hottest Swiss shooting stars at the moment thanks to the success of Peter Luisis low-budget comedy "Der Sandmann". Sibylle Brunner has scene-stealing moments as mother Rosie.


"Rosie" is shot within the beautiful landscape of the region of St. Gallen. Scenes taking place in a gay-club transform you into another world.

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The Swiss director Marcel Gisler is known for uneven, very explicit and rather complicated gay movies. With "Rosie", he made the effort of directing a crowd-pleasing feel good comedy that still tackles serious issues like gay love but also clashes between the younger and older generations: Finally a worthy piece of New Swiss Cinema that should find a wide audience!

In Swiss Cinemas: May 30, 2013

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