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3 Secrets about NSA’s Spy Hub in Geneva

At least since the most recent revelations about US spying activities in Germany, it should come to no surprise that Switzerland has been affected as well. As a global hub for humanitarian organizations, Switzerland's second biggest city Geneva actually seems like a logical choice as a spying target.


1. Special Collection Service (SCS)

According to classified documents revealed by Edward Snowden, the US intelligence agencies CIA and NSA maintain some 80 data collection centers worldwide, including one in Geneva's US Mission to the United Nations. Referred to as "Special Collection Service" (SCS), some of these stations may be hidden in plain sight inside of US embassies. Geneva's SCS appears to be a "staffed location", sporting a maximum of equipment and staff.

NSA Global Sites(Image courtesy of @Cryptome)


2. Massive Data Collection from the US Mission

By scanning the airwaves for cellular signals, intersecting wireless data packets and sucking in satellite transmissions, armies of data analysts have access to any and all communication in the area.

It is said that these analysts are being disguised as US diplomats, giving them a privileged status to pursue their data collection.

Diplomat Car by AutoGespot(Photograph copyright by AutoGespot)


3. Concealed Spy Gear in the US Mission's Top Floor

According to Tages-Anzeiger, the US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva is larger than most embassies in Geneva:

US Mission Geneva, SwitzerlandAnd note the recently added solar panels in the picture on the right... It really makes one wonder why the US Mission would need solar panels - unless it is to take a strain off the federal budget... Or possibly to hide some listening devices?

US Mission Geneva, Switzerland(Photographs copyright by dpa)

In the case of the US Mission in Geneva, it is in fact speculated that the top floor conceals different kinds of sophisticated listening devices:

Einstein Satellite - cpunk(Image courtesy of @Cryptome)

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