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So we’ve tried the interactive #Selfiehouse in Zürich

Selfiehouse Zürich - M-Budget Cottage Cheese

Zürich has a fun new attraction and we were the guinea pigs to try it out!

The #Selfiehouse inside Europaallee is a temporary pop-up installation for those of us who use any excuse to have fun. A first for Switzerland, the concept of offering interactive displays for unforgettable photographs is not new. For instance, we have visited a so-called trick art museum in Kyoto several years ago. Various rooms and scenes allowed us to look like giants - or they put us in danger of being swallowed by a sea monster.

What the #Selfiehouse in Zürich is all about

Through the end of April, anyone can book an advance ticket online or walk up to this pop-up inside the Europaallee shopping mall in Zürich. During an allotted time of 90 minutes, you will work your way through the more than a dozen interactive scenes. Some scenes are no-brainers while others require some creativity to take just the perfect photograph.

Unlike what the name suggests, the possible photographs are by no means limited to selfies. The staff members have assured us that they will be happy to take anyone's photograph, as they have when we jumped into the oversized cup of cottage cheese pictured above!

Here's about the time when we skipped the line at the Louvre to see Mona Lisa from up close...

Selfiehouse Zürich Europaallee
Selfiehouse Zürich Europaallee

Mamiko is warping through space and time!

Selfiehouse Zürich Europaallee

This wouldn't be Switzerland without a chocolate experience!

Selfiehouse Zürich Europaallee(Photograph copyright Urs Tillmanns/

And finally, we "climbed" to the top of a church tower in Zürich!

Selfiehouse Zürich Europaallee

This is just a small preview of what the #Selfiehouse in Zürich has in store. For some additional photographs featuring yours truly, check out this article by

Opening times: Feb 6 through Apr 30, 2020. Mon to Fri from 10 AM to 8 PM, Sat from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Selfie House
Lagerstrasse 10
8004 Zürich
+41 44 500 96 46

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