Swinglish 102 – Advanced Swiss English

Hello together! Welcome back to Swinglish University!

I am so exciting about presenting you a follow-up to my earlier post! Here are some more amusing expressions to add to our Swinglish dictionary.

Again, the intention of Swinglish University is by no means to ridicule a people who on average speak 3.25 languages! We mean no harm and simply want to have an occasional chuckle about some of the odd expressions which result from living in a multi-lingual society like Switzerland. That's ok, right?

So, take them or leave them. And always remember how we would sound speaking a foreign language, especially one as strange as Swiss German...





Excuse me, but remind me...



Instead of "am" cold...






19 More Signs That You’re Becoming Swiss

Brief and on the the point:



"For example" and "teach me":


Meet each other:


Steak is often pronounced at Shteek:





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