Swinglish 102 – Advanced Swiss English

Hello together! Welcome back to Swinglish University!

I am so exciting about presenting you a follow-up to my earlier post! Here are some more amusing expressions to add to our Swinglish dictionary.

Again, the intention of Swinglish University is by no means to ridicule a people who on average speak 3.25 languages! We mean no harm and simply want to have an occasional chuckle about some of the odd expressions which result from living in a multi-lingual society like Switzerland. That's ok, right?

So, take them or leave them. And always remember how we would sound speaking a foreign language, especially one as strange as Swiss German...





Excuse me, but remind me...



Instead of "am" cold...






Clown Dimitri is a Swiss Legend

Brief and on the the point:



"For example" and "teach me":


Meet each other:


Steak is often pronounced at Shteek:





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