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Our List of Unofficial Taglines for Swiss Cantons

For the purpose of this post, let's assume that Swiss cantons are the equivalent of American states. Given the up-and-down topography and deeply entrenched language barriers, many of the cantons could not be any more different.

Now, in the United States, each state has its own tagline. Many of them have some truth (Florida is the "Sunshine State"), but others are plain marketing speech (Idaho: "Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.").

But in Switzerland, cantons do not have official taglines. But this is not needed anyway as most every canton has some sort of cliché attached to it. And it is a pastime of many Swiss to delve in those stereotypes about their neighbors. Of course, this is hardly meant in a malicious way, but rather as a friendly competition.

So if the Swiss cantons did have taglines, here is what they might be:


Aargau: Carrot Country ("Rüebliland") a.k.a. "White Sock Zone" a.k.a. "That thing that connects Bern and Zürich"

Aargau - Carrot Country

Appenzell Ausserrhoden: The Original Hobbiton


Appenzell Innerrhoden: The Cowshit in the Meadows

Appenzell Innerrhoden

Basel-Stadt: The Carnival Capital

Basel Fasnacht (Copyright Bill Harby)

Bern: Züri West

Bern - Nydeggbrücke

Fribourg: The Hipster Canton

Hipster Book

Geneva: France ("C'est déjà la France!")

Geneva - It's France

Glarus: Heidiland

Heidiland Sign on Freeway, Switzerland

Grisons/Graubünden: The Real Heidiland

Graubuenden - The Real Heidiland

Jura: The Jurassic Park of Switzerland

Jura - Creux du Van

Lucerne: The Heart of Switzerland

Boat on Lake Lucerne

Neuchâtel: Where The Green Fairy was born

Neuchatel - The Green Fairy Absinthe

Nidwalden: Where?


Obwalden: What?


Schaffhausen: City by the Falls

Schaffhausen - City by the Rheinfall

Schwyz: Negative Taxes for All


Solothurn: Home of the Number 11

Solothurn - Öufi Bier

St. Gallen: The Far East


Thurgau: Cider India ("Moschtindie")

Thurgau - Cider Capital - Mostindien

Ticino: The Sunroom of Switzerland

Ticino Church, Switzerland

Uri: Crossroads between North and South

Uri - Crossroads between North and South

Valais: Where They Talk Funny

Valais Swiss Canton Dialect

Vaud: Home of the World's Best Wine

Vaud - World's Best Wine

Zug: Highest Income per PO Box

Zug Mailbox Companies

Zürich: Downtown Switzerland

Swiss Tram in Zürich

(Post inspired by reddit, Solothurn picture copyright BLC)

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