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11 Swiss German songs I remember from my childhood

Mir Senne heis luschtig

Another song that celebrates the good life of a farmer. According to the lyrics of “Mir Senne heis luschtig”, farmers sing and yodel all day long. All that cheese and butter make for a joyful life. And when they finally get married, the wedding gifts include a spinning wheel and a cow...

De Elefant

Schlieremer Chind is the successful children’s choir that was a big part of my childhood. Their songs played nonstop in my cassette player, and the song “De Elefant” from the album “Mir gönnd in Zoo” was one of my favorites. This song in typical Zürich dialect is a dedication to the elephant.

Wenn eine tannigi Hose hät

Describing a hunter’s outfit, this popular song mentions “tannigi Hose” (green pants) and "hagebuechig Strümpf” (scratchy tights). The fun part begins when it is performed as a canon. Believe me when I say that it is really hard not to make a mistake...

Lederhosen Tights - Swiss German songs

Mini Farb und dini

The rainbow song in Swiss German dialect is an ode to diversity. The message for even the littlest singers is understandable: whether you’re young or old, wear glasses or have a crooked back, we’re all part of a colorful rainbow…

And finally: Oh läck du mir

Trio Eugster has reminded my generation of how to swear in my grandparents’ Swiss German dialect: “Lick my vest”, “slide down my back” and “blow into my shoes” are all terms to tell someone to take a hike...

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Dimitri Burkhard

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