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Do you know Switzerland like a pro? Take the 3rd annual quiz.

It is August 1 again, the Swiss national holiday, and we are back with a brand new quiz.

Unlike any other national or Independence Day, this day signifies the Federal Charter of 1291 and the celebrations across the country are to celebrate the anniversary of that occasion.

This year, Newly Swissed in association with Qwizzeria brings you the third edition of the Ultimate Swiss National Day challenge. We received positive and encouraging feedback for the previous Swiss quiz editions and we hope the third one promises to be just as fun. (It should offer a glimpse into this Wunderland called Switzerland.)

Now, test your knowledge and find out how well you know Swiss expats and naturalized citizens:


(This quiz is prepared for Newly Swissed by Rajan Thambehalli, founder of the Swiss quiz company Qwizzeria)


Rajan loves sports, old Hollywood classics, collecting facts, hosting quizzes, vegetarian cooking, travelling, photography and understanding cultures.

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