Museum Langmatt Baden

Museum Langmatt is ideal for celebrating the longest day of the year

Every June 21st, you’ll see them: Ladies with flowers in their hair. Little boys in white collared shirts. The Picnic Etude at Baden’s Museum Langmatt...
Limmathof Baden Hotel & Private Spa

At the Limmathof Baden Hotel, do as the Romans used to do

You might think that the Swiss are as square as their flag. Think again. When we spent a weekend at the Limmathof Baden hotel, we realized that...
24 Hours in Baden, Switzerland

24 Hours in Baden, Switzerland

Transformers the size of pine trees were once tested in a lab in downtown Baden. None of this high voltage trickery remains at Baden’s Trafohalle today...
Limmathof Baden Hotel & Spa, SwitzerlandqqLimmathof Baden Hotel & Spa, Switzerland

Limmathof Baden Spa & Hotel: Four-star luxury

Baden's reputation as a spa town has not appeared overnight. The most prominent hotel along the riverbanks of the Limmat is the Limmathof Baden...
Museum Villa Langmatt Baden

Museum Langmatt in Baden - Impressionism (and Picnic) Heaven

Baden Tourism invited us for the "Kulturpicknick", a weekend getaway combining a stay at a spa hotel and one of several experiences. We chose the picnic...