Bern Loebegge

Bern's Loebegge - More than just a Street Corner

Every city has one: An iconic spot full of history, legends and memories. When it comes to Bern, ask any local and they will point at Loebegge (the corner of the Loeb department store)...
New York City vs Bern by Christoph Simon - Breakfast

New York City vs. Bern, Switzerland

Christoph Simon is an award winning Swiss author with a big heart for New York City and Bern, Switzerland. His cartoon drawings put a big smile on my face…
Ballenberg Outdoor Museum

Visiting Ballenberg in Brienz - Switzerland's Outdoor Museum

Hands up who thinks of Heidi when thinking of Switzerland! Trouble is, when you move here and become an expat in Geneva, Zurich or any other modern Swiss city, you lose sight of the country’s most evocative and enchanting cliché...
Bern Onion Market

The annual Onion Market in Bern is all about... onions!

Every fourth Monday in November, Bern shall awaken to the sounds and smells of the traditional Onion Market. From the railway station and down the...

Interlaken Souvenir Buying Guide (By a Local!)

No, the cuckoo clock does not originally come from Switzerland. It’s a Bavarian Black Forest way of telling time...
Basel, bERN, Lucerne: One-Day Trips from Zurich

Basel, Bern and Lucerne: the one-day TRIPlets from Zürich

There are an infinite number of natural, historical or amusing places close to Zürich. Here are three cities that can easily be visited in a day.