Emmental Cheese Making Workshop

Inside the Emmental cheese factory (it's where the magic happens!)

On the shelves of grocers all over the world, wedges of gold called Emmental cheese are enticing unsuspecting victims like me. Now, I finally...
Alpine Cheese Making at Musenalp in Isenthal, Switzerland

Our alpine cheese making experience at Musenalp

Switzerland is tiny in comparison with many other countries. Yet, some alpine meadows go unnoticed. At Musenalp, we witnessed alpine cheese making...

More myths about Switzerland - debunked!

When you live in Switzerland, you will often encounter various myths about this country. Some of these claims might startle you or make you scratch your head...
August 1 Swiss National Day - 1. Augustweggli

9 Unmissable Foods for Swiss National Day

The idea of going on a shopping spree to find unmissable foods for the Swiss National Day festivities started with an Instagram post...
Markthalle Im Viadukt Zürich

Zurich's Indoor Market Isn't Perfect (but the Focacce are!)

A mere five minute walk from the Prime Tower in Zurich's trendy fifth district is the covered Im Viadukt market. What is supposed to be a gourmet's dream...
SBB CFF FFS Train WC Toilet Panorama

4 reasons why Switzerland is an innovation nation

A recent report from the European Union has confirmed what those who live in Chocolateland already know: Switzerland is the "most innovative" country in Europe...
Swiss Winter Style Guide - The Desalpes Company

Switzerland Winter Style Guide

Winter is just around the corner, and style plays a big role with the Swiss who are known to have good taste. Statistically speaking, they are the wealthiest people in the world...

Nothing Cheesy About It

I caught my first ever glimpse of Switzerland six years ago. Like every foreigner trying to break into the hearts (and homes, of course) of the reserved natives, I chose the clichéd, but so very apt path of understanding and appreciating their love of cheese...