Alpabzug Alpine Cow Parade in FlimsCloudia Chan

Why you need to see an alpine cow parade once in your life

In the beginning of autumn, a beautiful living tradition takes place all over Switzerland: Alpabzug, the alpine descent of cows and cattle...
Facts about Swiss Milk

18 Interesting Facts about Swiss Milk

If Switzerland had a national beverage, it would be milk. Swiss milk is so popular that each person drinks an average of 233 glasses of it annually...
Indoor Skiing Interlaken

7 weird things found in Switzerland

While entirely subjective, texting cows and indoor skiing are "weird" where I come from...
Counting the Cows of Switzerland

Counting the Cows of Switzerland

Which Swiss canton has the most cows? Or maybe you’ve wondered if any canton has more cows than people?
Alpine Beard Festival (Copyright Getty Images)

Fiona, the Savage Cow

The image we have of cows is of sweet beasts calmly munching grass all day long as they cling to the sides of the Swiss Alps or lay about on green meadows. But the more observant among you know that many cows in Switzerland don’t have horns, which makes them look less threatening...
Alpine Beard Festival (Copyright Getty Images)

A Swiss Beauty Pageant of a Different Kind - Miss Beatenberg 2011

The beautiful autumn sunshine broke through the clouds, revealing a clear blue sky above and perfect conditions below. It was the day of the Miss Beatenberg contest. This is no ordinary pageant, as the winner does not give a speech, win a world trip or pose for toothpaste commercials. In fact, it is doubtful if Miss Beatenberg even realizes she has competed...
Alpine Beard Festival (Copyright Getty Images)

Six bizarre Swiss events you've never heard of

After our initial rundown of the most bizarre Swiss events, here is an update of all the whacky stuff the Swiss have to offer! From "A" as in...


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COWCAM - When Cows Photograph the World (Book)

You bicycle across the countryside, and they are there. Cows are everywhere in Switzerland, and they're silently observing the world. COWCAM is...