Swiss Direct Democracy in Switzerland

How Voting Works in Switzerland's Direct Democracy

Swiss citizens have the privilege of direct participation in decision making: Direct democracy. This weekend, three federal initiatives...
Schaffhausen Democracy

Why Schaffhausen takes democracy as seriously as ancient Athens

Despite not being nestled on the jagged cliffs of the Aegean sea, Switzerland did have similarities with ancient Greece over 700 years ago...
Swiss Election 2013

Elections: No Thanks, Say the Swiss. Again.

Last week the Swiss voted on a topic of profound national importance that would boggle the minds of most Americans...
Swiss Vote on Passive Smoking Ban - PRO and CON

Explaining the Smoking Ban Initiative (Sept 2012)

I felt like I was stepping back in time when I moved to Switzerland in 2012. In fact, with all this second-hand smoke for free, I have often wondered why people (particularly at train stations) will pay for cigarettes...