Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz - Light RagazWalter Schärer

"Light Ragaz" is a light show in the legendary Tamina Gorge

The rock walls of the mighty Tamina Gorge in Bad Ragaz extend up to 200 meters in the air. Add to this "Light Ragaz", a light show to remember...
Hotel Gstaad Palace, Gstaad (BE) undatiert (um 1970) Kunstanstalt Brügger, Meiringen

Totally Retro Photographs of Hotel Swimming Pools ("Bikini in den Bergen")

I attended an interesting gathering of journalists at the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern. We were there for the "Bikini in den Bergen" photo exhibition...
Swiss Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

The Swiss Pavilion was our Highlight at Expo Milano 2015

The world is coming together in Milan this year. At Expo Milano 2015, more than 140 countries are presenting their projects surrounding nutrition...
photo14 Exhibit in Zürich 2014

photo14 - Where Swiss Photography Meets

photo14 is the largest and most popular exhibit of Swiss photography. This year, the highlights included...
House of Friction St. Gallen - Copyright by Kecko (Flickr)

Visiting the "House of Friction" Exhibit in St. Gallen

Swiss artist Christoph Büchel is known for creating rather challenging exhibits which require a good physical condition to manoeuvre...
Grafik 13 in Zürich

Grafik 13 Design Exhibit in Zürich

This weekend, graphic designers from all corners of Switzerland (and the world) converged onto the Maag event space in Zürich for Grafik 13. A couple hours of time was barely enough...
Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

The Latest Chocolate Innovations from Switzerland

How come Zürich never had a chocolate exhibit like the Salon du Chocolat before? This simple question hunted me the entire night at the opening event as I wandered among the melting chocolate flavors and finger-licking samples...
Salon du Chocolat, Zurich

Eye-Candy Fashion Made of Swiss Chocolate

Exclusively from the catwalk of the Salon du Chocolat show in Zürich, we have some incredible (edible) fashion for you! Made entirely of Swiss chocolate, the models wearing these pieces of chocolate art presented quite some eye-candy for VIP guests and the media…
Salon du Chocolat, Zurich

Salon du Chocolat Arrives in Zürich, Chocoland

It’s a match made in heaven! After years of spoiling Parisiens, New Yorkers, and Tokyoers (among others), the world renowned Salon du Chocolat show arrives in Zürich!