Hotel Trois Couronnes Vevey - Balcony

5 Ways to Relive the Beginnings of Swiss Tourism

Nowadays, the term "Swiss tourism" has become synonymous with breathtaking sceneries and an incredible lifestyle which is here to be embraced...
Lake Geneva Commuting by Boat

The day I commuted to work by boat. Across a national border. For "free."

Here are two facts about Switzerland: As a small, landlocked country, it has plenty of borders. And it is public transport heaven...
Geneva - l'Escalade Parade - Copyright Luc Buscarlet

The Escalade Festival is Geneva's Independence Day

Each December, Geneva's residents celebrate the traditional Escalade Festival. But what is this historic festival all about? The holiday is dedicated to...
Schtroumpfs Smurfs Buildings in Geneva

There's a sort of Smurf enclave in Geneva, Switzerland

Apparently, those cute little blue cartoon characters do not just live in mushrooms. Geneva's Smurf Buildings are a world unto themselves...
Gliss en Ville - Geneva

Gliss'en Ville - Street Slip-Sliding in Geneva

Who says you have to go to the Alps to go tobogganing? In Geneva, there was slippery, wet, downhill fun at the first ever Gliss'en Ville...
United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

What to know about visiting the United Nations in Geneva

Due to their cultural and historical significance, the United Nations and the Palace of Nations are meaningful places to visit while in Geneva...