Mirage Chalet in Gstaad by Doug Aitken

Why it's tricky to "see" the Mirage Project by Doug Aitken

Multimedia artist Doug Aitken is known for his architectural interventions. How exciting that he's brought his Mirage project to Switzerland...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

We "hacked" glitzy Gstaad by staying at the youth hostel

Gstaad has a reputation for catering only the rich and famous. But we figured out a hack to enjoy this resort on a shoestring budget: At the Youth Hostel...

The Gstaad Palace Hotel is a Mansion in the Clouds

Liz Taylor, Roger Moore, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana: The list of celebrities who have stayed at five-star Hotel Gstaad Palace is long...
Glacier 3000 Peak Walk, Gstaad, Switzerland

4 Unmissable Experiences in Gstaad

Gstaad is the proverbial haven of charm and repose. A place that gifted an honorary citizenship to actress Julie Andrews and hosts the likes of Madonna...
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

5 Soul Soothing Alpine Hotels in Switzerland

We live in the kind of place that as a child you would dream about as you gleefully shook your snow globe. Alpine hotels in Switzerland complete the...

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Gstaad Hiking

5 unique reasons to visit Gstaad (Sponsored)

Feeling the spring fatigue these days? Fret no more because we have compiled some unique reasons to grab your backpack and visit Gstaad in 2019...