Swiss Guards Vatican

13 facts about the Swiss guards you probably did not know

The Swiss guards have a long history in the Vatican. Tourists and pilgrims who flock to Rome see them and wonder: Who are the world's most colorful guards?
Pontificial Swiss Guards Swearing-in Ceremony 2005

The Swiss Guards of the Vatican are sworn in every May 6

In 2016, the Pontifical Swiss Guards celebrated 510 years of loyal service to the Pope. Every May 6, new recruits are sworn into service in the Vatican...
Swiss National Library in Bern

Inside the Swiss National Library in Bern

I recently broke a sacred and inviolable law that the Swiss have set in stone: Time. At the Swiss National Library in Bern, I am supposed to meet with...
Victorinox Flagship Store Zurich

How to Build a Swiss Army Knife - 130 Years of Victorinox

Everyone remembers their very first Swiss Army knife. But did you know that knives for the Swiss Army used to be produced in...
Juf - Copyright by Single Cask Studios (

Visiting Juf, Europe's Highest Populated Town

My friend Jochen recently found out how his great-grandfather used to spend many summers up in Juf, Europe's highest permanent settlement...
Roman Festival Augst - 2014 - Soldiers

The Roman Festival in Augusta Raurica - Where History Lives

Living in the heart of Europe allows me to dive into new activities all the time. Case in point is the Roman Festival in Augusta Raurica...
DS Greif Steamboat Greifensee Switzerland

Greif on Lake Greifensee - The Little Steamboat That Could

If it wasn't for James Watt, we would be missing out on Greif, the steamboat on Greifensee. When we keep our windows open, a charming „choo!“...
Schaffhausen Democracy

Why Schaffhausen takes democracy as seriously as ancient Athens

Despite not being nestled on the jagged cliffs of the Aegean sea, Switzerland did have similarities with ancient Greece over 700 years ago...
Les Suisses Documentary

The Swiss (Males only, sorry)

Because nothing interesting ever happened in November, Swiss national radio and TV will dedicate their program to a popular subject: The Swiss...