Whitepod Resort Switzerland

Snowed in at the Alpine Whitepod Resort

In short, Whitepod is a modern day luxury igloo. In this hotel concept, a total of 15 environmentally friendly pods have been decked with all the amenities you are used to from home...
25hours hotel Zurich

25hours Design Hotel in Zürich West

For some travelers, selecting a hotel comes down to two factors: location and price. But for a whole new generation of travelers, the hotel is the destination.
Snotels - Hotel Jungfrau in Muerren

Snotels - Quality Hotels For Epic Alpine Adventures

People are creatures of habit. So when it comes to booking hotels for ski vacations, many of us will stick to tried and true digs which have worked out in the past...
Flims POD HotelFlims POD Hotel

The PODhotel in Flims is where we'd want to be snowed in

Is there a better place to get snowed in than these wooden pods in Flims, Switzerland? We think not. Located on the town's campground in Winter Wonderland...
Igloo Village Zermatt

Living Like an Inuit at Igloo Village in Zermatt

These days, Switzerland feels a lot more like Siberia than, well, Switzerland, as temperatures are hovering in the double digit negatives. And just today, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted a long winter ahead of us, so we might as well do it right and stay at Zermatt’s Igloo Village...
Youthhostel Zurich ReceptionYouthhostel Zurich

Here are the top 5 most affordable hotels in Zürich

Zürich isn't exactly a budget destination. But don't fret: here are the most affordable hotels, ideal for those with a small purse and big expectations...