Typical Swiss Apartment

The Swiss don't talk about their salary (but they do talk about money)

Did you know that a cup of coffee is 20 cents cheaper at Café Müller compared to Café Meier? What sounds absurd is a regular conversation topic...
New Swiss Banknotes

7 Interesting Facts about the New Swiss Banknotes

Humanity will be abandoned completely by 2019! In its place, expect butterflies and snow crystals – at least when it comes to Swiss banknotes...
Swiss Salary (Keystone)

How much do you make? The Swiss and their salaries

“How much do you make?” is one question you should probably never ask a Swiss. According to my own experience...
Money Bundesplatz Bern

3 Popular Initiatives about Money and Salaries in Switzerland

Switzerland has long been known as an island of wealth in Europe, but there is growing discontent in the country of cheese and chocolate...
8 Myths about the Swiss Economy - Swiss Flag

8 Myths about the Swiss Economy

Switzerland is often portrayed as a teacher's pet with an overly productive workforce, low unemployment and low household debt. But are these clichés...

The Good and Bad of Living in a Tax Haven

Every now and then, an article pops up talking about Zug, the tax haven, and how wonderful it is. It is wonderful, but along with the positives there are negatives...
Switzerland's Tax System

A Primer on Switzerland’s Tax System

Switzerland is a Confederation divided into cantons (states) and communes, all of which work alongside banks, lawyers, companies and consultants to develop and maintain financial and administrative procedures. Switzerland places taxes on residents, companies, goods, real estate and savings...
Swiss 20 franc bill

Money, Money, Money - Everything about the Swiss bank notes

When many people think about Switzerland, they likely think of three things: Cheese, chocolate and banks. And with banks, we are really talking about money...
Swiss Souvenirs

How to Save up to 8 Percent on Souvenirs

With currency exchange rates the way they are, who doesn't want to save a few Francs these days? It is especially painful for tourist to load up on expensive Swiss souvenirs, so we put together a guide to help you save up to 8 percent of your purchase! Unlike other countries, sticker prices in Switzerland already include...