Swiss World Record - Do Not Disturb Signs

More Swiss world records that come with bragging rights

We've covered Swiss world records before, yet you've asked us for more! From the smallest Whisky bar to the tallest wine bottle in the world, the Swiss have...
Stoos Funicular 2017

Meet the world's steepest funicular (and ride it, too!)

From the longest railway tunnel to the steepest cogwheel railway, Switzerland is a tiny country of superlatives. Anther stunning record has been...
Longest Suspension Bridge in the World - Switzerland

The world's longest suspension bridge hangs in Switzerland

If the word "acrophobia" is in your vocabulary, read no more. The world's longest suspension bridge for pedestrians connects two towns in Valais...
Chaplins World World Record 2017

Who knew Switzerland had 662 Charlie Chaplin lookalikes?

To celebrate their first anniversary, one of Switzerland's most popular museums pulled off quite an amazing stunt. The Chaplin's World Museum...
Alphorn Concert in Milan 2015

How the Swiss set a world record with 425 alphorns

The Swiss Yodel Association did something big: The Swiss Federal Railway transported 425 alphorns to Milano for them, and a new world record was set...
Lazaro Schaller - Cliff Dive

Watch this record jump off a Ticino waterfall!

120 km/h is the legal speed limit on Swiss freeways. It's also the speed at which a daredevil hit the surface of a Ticino river after a world record jump...

Supersonic Space Jumper Turns Newly Swissed

Last but not least, we are going to jump on the supersonic space jumper bandwagon! Thanks to an inquisitive Newly Swissed reader, we have uncovered...
Swiss World Records - Highest Tightrope Walk

These Swiss world records come with bragging rights

Switzerland may be just slightly bigger than the state of Maryland, but it has a bunch of world records worth mentioning. Sweet sweet bragging rights…

Swiss Stuntman Sets 7 World Records in 8 Days

Bragging rights are a sweet thing if you have them, but they sure come at a high prize for some – no pun intended! Freddy Nock is a Swiss stuntman who braced himself to set no less than seven world records in seven days! Read more...