I've spent 48 hours in sunny Lugano (and you should, too!)

In the south of Ticino lies Lugano, a paradise of a city that blends the best of Switzerland with the best of the Mediterranean world...
Lugano in Spring

Ingredients for a Perfect Spring Day in Lugano

Just mere weeks before the blooming of the magnolia trees, I get to spend a day in Lugano. Julie Arlin is my guide, and she shows me her local favorites...
Brilliant Swiss Instagramers - @adislittlecity

10 Brilliant Swiss Instagramers we’ve met in Real Life

Ticino became a meeting point for a bunch of great talents from all over Switzerland. What's their talent? They rock on Instagram! Swiss Instagramers...
Lazaro Schaller - Cliff Dive

See the World Record Jump off a Ticino Waterfall!

120 km/h is the legal speed limit on Swiss freeways. It's also the speed at which a daredevil hit the surface of a Ticino river after a world record jump...
Festival del Film Locarno 2015 - Edward Norton

10 Things I Learned at the Locarno Film Festival

This year, the Locarno Film Festival turns 68 years old. It is actually one of the oldest film festivals in the world, along with Venice and Cannes...