Bernina Express - Lago Bianco

Our ultimate guide to the Bernina Express train line

The Bernina Express may well be the best train experience out there. It is definitely one of the most Swiss trains...
Gotthard Panorama Express train journey in Switzerland

On the Gotthard Panorama Express, the journey is the destination

There are faster ways to travel from northern to southern Switzerland than with the Gotthard Panorama Express. But by panoramic train and boat...
New SBB Train FV-Dosto

This is what the future of Swiss train travel looks like

I clearly remember the day in May 1990 when the first ever double deck train was launched in Switzerland. Some 28 years later, SBB is releasing the FV-Dosto...
Bernina Express

How to travel Switzerland by train in just five days

For some globetrotters, spending two weeks in Switzerland is wishful thinking. This five day itinerary is allows you to maximize...
Gottardo Rail Tunnel

We wandered around the world's longest rail tunnel - at 31 degrees Celsius

Shortly before the opening of Switzerland’s 57 kilometer rail tunnel, we have officially become pioneers. The Gottardino limited train took us inside...
Châtelard Line - gschieneschweiz

5 jaw-dropping train journeys in Switzerland

Whether you are a resident or a tourist, these five Swiss train journeys require just a Swiss Travel Pass. Hop on and enjoy the ride...

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Glacier Express Train Line in Switzerland

Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world (Sponsored)

Many have heard of this scenic train ride between Zermatt and St. Moritz that crosses no less than 291 bridges and passes 91 tunnels. Did you know...