Alphorn Concert in Milan 2015

How the Swiss set a world record with 425 alphorns

The Swiss Yodel Association did something big: The Swiss Federal Railway transported 425 alphorns to Milano for them, and a new world record was set...
SBB Mobile Tickets

How to Travel Like a Digital Nomad - SBB E-Shift Railshows

In this day and age, it comes to no surprise that digital nomads rely on electronic train tickets. The SBB E-Shift Railshows will surprise commuters...
Today's Office Looks Like This

Today’s Office Looks Like This - Interview with a Digital Nomad

Meet Katrin Gygax, author of the book "Today’s Office Looks Like This"! A digital nomad at heart, Katrin has...
Zurich Hauptbahnhof 2014 - Bahnhof Löwenstrasse

Zürich's New Digs - The Durchmesserlinie Tunnel

Slicing a few minutes off a train connection here and there can add up. This June, a new tunnel and an underground station were commissioned in Zürich...
Zurich Meets New York - MetroNext+

From New York to Zürich with MetroNeXt+

Grand Central Terminal in NYC ranks as number one in the world! This past weekend, an extra track with non-stop service to Zürich has been added...
Xrot 9213 Rhätische Bahn

Switzerland's spectacular Xrot snow plow train

When the red coaches of the Rhaetian Railway snake across dozens of viaducts in the majestic Grison Alps, the heart of any train lover will skip a beat...
Verbier Snow 'n' Rail with RailAway - Skiing in Verbier

Skiing in Verbier with Snow 'n' Rail

One of the benefits of living in Switzerland is that you can go anywhere by public transportation - including Alpine ski resorts!

Brienzer Rothorn - With a steam cog train to the capricorns

In this fast paced world, it is good to see that some things remain the same. The Brienzer Rothorn steam cog railway is one of these things that has withheld the constant cycle of change...
Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket Machine

Finding the Swiss Touch (Sponsored Video)

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer – enhanced for touch screens. This inspired me to capture the Swiss Touch!