Ursula Hitz - Typography Map Zurich

Swiss Typography Maps by Ursula Hitz

Ursula Hitz is a Swiss artist and designer. While cheese making is mentioned as one of her talents, it was her graphic design and typography work...
Top 5 Swiss Designers

Top 5 most influential Swiss designers

A lot of Swiss designers have had great careers and were internationally recognized, but only few had a real impact on other designers...
Hopscotch Airline Swissair Plane

Here's a brief history of the Swissair logo for aviation fans

It is probably no coincidence that Swissair has decided to emerge from the grave right around Halloween this year. I was shocked to read that the brand name, not to be confused with Swiss Air Lines, is once again taking off. I was equally shocked...
Umlaute in Zürich - Swiss Typography

Swiss Typography - 15 Umlauts Spotted in Zürich

Swiss typography has a curiosity which has always fascinated me: Umlaute. The two dots above vowels a, o and u indicate a different pronunciation...
Helvetica New York Subway

Helvetica – World’s Most Popular Font

Created in the 1950's by Swiss typographer Max Miedinger, Helvetica now has a worldwide presence and is somewhat of a VIP of fonts...