“All we ask” is a video project where ballet dancers speak up

The Switzerland based ballet dancers Myrna Kamara and Gabriel Stoyanov have just launched a fascinating video project: "All we ask". Their aim is to...
Dear Zurich

Dear Zurich is a project that will make you homesick

Ruben is one of the creators of Dear Zurich, an elegant and deceptively simple interactive web canvas that kindles the desire to slow down...
When Americans Try Rivella

When Americans try Rivella for the first time... (Viral Video)

If Switzerland had a national beverage, it would likely be Rivella. I associate this Swiss soda with mountain restaurants: A cold serving of Rivella is...
World Compliment Day

Switzerland's Friendliest Person - World Compliment Day

The notion of the Swiss being an inherently cold people is not especially linked to recent political results. World Compliment Day is...
Lucerne Festival - KKL

The Lucerne Festival is a celebration of classical and contemporary music

Every summer for 75 years, the Lucerne Festival has taken over this popular city in Central Switzerland. Once all the dust has settled...
Swiss Catbot

Swiss ROBOCAT Moves Like a Jaguar (Sponsored Video)

Just recently, researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne have developed a robot that moves like a jaguar - no pun intended!
Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket Machine

Finding the Swiss Touch (Sponsored Video)

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer – enhanced for touch screens. This inspired me to capture the Swiss Touch!

Portfolio Items

We tried the Edmond Cuisine Italian food subscription

Edmond Cuisine is a new subscription service for authentic Italian food. Everyone can become a chef thanks to their monthly delivery that include recipes...
Familie Schönbächler - Swiss Abroad

"Auf und davon" TV Series about the Swiss Abroad

We talked with Mona Vetsch about her latest show, "Auf und davon". It portrays Swiss who are trying (and not seldomly struggling) to live abroad...