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Top 5 Swiss Daredevil Stunts (Videos Inside!)

1. Swiss Jetman Flies Over Grand Canyon
Swiss "Jetman" Yves Rossy completed an eight-minute flight over the Grand Canyon using his special "human jet". Here is documented proof of this incredible endeavour:

2. Freddy Nock's World Record Cable Wire Walk
We have watched this Swiss daredevil cross the Lake of Zurich last summer - on a motorcycle, on a high wire! Here, you can see this 45-year old acrobat walk more than 5200 ft down a cable car wire (without a safety net or a harness). He has also just completed 7 world records in 8 days - what a guy!

Freddy Nock - Swiss Daredevil

Freddy Nock - Swiss Daredevil

3. Wingsuit Proximity Flying
One of the most dangerous sports on Earth, Switzerland is the perfect host for these crazy adventurous wingsuit fliers!

4. Geneva's Urban Climbers

5. Ueli Steck Speed Solo Eiger Record
And finally, here is how not to climb a mountain:

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