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You Know You’re from Basel If…


You love hanging out at the Rhyviera promenade.

Rhyviera Promenade Basel


You know how to operate one of those:

Rhyviera Basel BBQ Grill

And you own a Wickelfisch.

Wickelfisch - Basel Tourism

(A Wickelfisch is a waterproof bag for clothing and valuables which also serves as a swimming aid. It has the shape of a fish, and the locals use it to float on the Rhine River.)


You have at least a dozen friends who have moved to Zürich...

Basel SBB Main Station


Your Swiss German accent is a giveaway... ("Jäää")


You have ever confessed a lie to the Fäärimaa.

Basel Ferry on the Rhine


You're secretly proud that Basel is beating Zürich with the tallest building in Switzerland, the Roche Tower.

Roche Tower Basel


Your first solid food was a Basler Läckeri.

Basler Laeckerli Cookie


You expect Ueli Bier when ordering a cold one from the tap.


You get jealous when someone scores a flat at Baumgartnerhaus.


You make a fortune on Airbnb during Art Basel.


You buy your latte at a former bank counter at Unternehmen Mitte.

Basel - Unternehmen Mitte


You get pissed when they stop you at the border after buying groceries at Hieber.


And you get upset when out-of-towners don't get the difference between Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.


You have never bought Christmas ornaments at Wanner (in July).

Basel - Christmas Ornaments - Johann Wanner

You know what a Basilisk is.

Basel Basilisk Fountain

And the Lällekönig.

De Laellekoenig vo Grossbasel


You think the best thing about Zürich is the station platform for the IC back to Basel.


Your definition of the perfect color combination looks like this:

FC Basel Colors

You can't wait for the next Schnitzelbängg to see the world through the lens of Basel.


Meanwhile, you can't stop watching the Schnitzelbängg replays from previous years...

(Photographs copyright by Idit Kobrin, Dimitri Burkhard - Collaboration post with inputs from @leazeitman, Dimitri, Idit Kobrin and Daniel Bachmann; Wickelfisch photograph copyright by Andreas Zimmermann/Basel Tourism)

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