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Urban Renewal – One LEGO Brick at a Time

Buildings in Switzerland are constructed to last for centuries. I don't think this is too bold of a statement. But even the most sturdy building sometimes needs some tender love and care, which is exactly what dispatchwork is providing!

I have recently learned about this global movement over at my favorite design blog Swissmiss. When I checked out the dispatchwork website, I was thrilled to discover that there has already been some activity in Switzerland!

As you might have figured out by now, dispatchwork consists solely of volunteers who dedicate their collections of LEGO bricks to better the world...

Olivier Wavre)

For more locations, head over to dispatchwork!

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor, and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of Swiss Travel Communicators.

Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.


Dimitri Burkhard

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