When you Really Live in Zürich…

Just recently, an ingenious Tumblr blog called When you really live in Zürich popped up on our radar. This growing collection of clichés about Zürich is hilarious! Essentially, each post consists of a combination of a cliche paired with an animated movie scene...

But ironically, the blogger behind this new phenomenon is actually from Bern! It is my guess that it helps Roman to observe Zürich from an outsider's perspective. Because how else can you explain his sarcastic but spot on assessment of Zürich's psyche?

Roman has given me permission to assemble my personal "top 10" list:

When someone cries because of the mustard from Sternengrill.


When someone manages to rent a 3-room-flat under 2000.-


When a tourist asks you for directions.


When Coop sells Easter bunnies in February.


When someone tells you he saw someone without tattoos at Oberer Letten.

Oberer Letten

When you see a Velokurier getting busted by the police.


When you end up in a tram full of FCZ fans.


13 things that newcomers will notice about the Swiss

When someone tells you people from Zürich are arrogant.


When you accidentally look up from your Smartphone and see the beauty of the city.


When tourists eat fondue in August on a sunny day.

Inspired by Roman's blog, here are my original clichés about Zürich:

When you realize that you have to pay extra for Züriwasser.


When someone cuts through the line at the tibits buffet.


When they try to sell you Autobahnvignetten at the post office.


When you find out that it's not boys that they shoot at Knabenschiessen.


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